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Heidi Klum's Vacation Stuns Fans with Family Photos and Lookalike Moments

Heidi Klum’s Vacation Stuns Fans with Family Photos and Lookalike Moments

Like many other stars, Heidi Klum has set off for her summer vacation. This time, it’s a family affair as she’s joined by her husband Tom Kaulitz and his brother Bill.

The star gave a brief glimpse of their vacation on Instagram, showing the trio taking a trip on the Orient Express. It looked like something straight out of Agatha Christie’s famous book.

Tom and his twin brother, Bill, both dressed in suits for the trip on the luxurious train. Bill donned a red suit and wore his long blonde hair down. On the other hand, Tom opted for a classic black tuxedo and also left his hair down. While Bill is blonde and Tom is brunette, their resemblance was undeniable. One distinctive feature setting them apart was Tom’s signature beard.

Their incredible likeness may not come as a surprise to fans who are aware that Bill and Tom are twins, aged 34, and part of the same band, Tokio Hotel. Bill is the lead singer while Tom plays guitar.

Heidi stood between the brothers in one of the photos, wearing a glittering green dress. She paired the statement dress with dark eye makeup and messy blonde hair for an ultimate starlet look.

Despite being joined by family on the trip, the couple managed to keep the romance alive. Heidi shared photos of her and Tom sharing tender moments and kissing on the train.

The Orient Express remains as opulent a journey as when Agatha Christie first wrote about it in 1934. Reportedly, a ticket costs a pricey $4,200, which can be upgraded to $10,350 for a stay in the grand suite.

Passengers can expect sumptuous art deco furniture while sipping drinks from velvet green seats in the bar cart, as well as a decadent meal in the dining cart paired with a sommelier’s wine selection.

Bill reportedly gifted the trip on the iconic train to his sister-in-law for her birthday, after she turned 51 on June 1.

Source: ASB Zeitung