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heise is playing “Age of Empires 4”: The Return of the King

“Age of Empires 4” represents this year’s climax of Microsoft’s game offensive on the PC, which the company started with modern concepts such as the Gamepass or the comeback of the “Microsoft Flight Simulator”. At the same time, it should revive the genre of real-time strategy, which is currently dominated by so-called “Mobas” such as “Dota 2” or “League of Legends”.

Heise video journalist Michael Wieczorek shows the hope title in the live stream 3 days before the actual publication date. It starts at 9 a.m. with an overview and selected missions from the four included campaigns. We show the biggest changes in the game without revealing the highlights of the historical plot.

Also in the stream is developer and long-time fan of the series Tim Scheuermann, who will have an interested look at the game as well as the chat and the numerous viewer questions. After the campaign, we want to deal with the eight different peoples in the skirmish and pursue as many open questions as possible.

“Age of Empires” is next to “Command & Conquer” and “Starcraft & Warcraft” the most important real-time strategy series. All games originated in the nineties. “Age of Empires” placed a great focus on historical accuracy and, from Part 2, playfully on automatic formations for large armies. The latter are also an elementary component in Part 4. Much has also changed as the ages progressed as well as the sieges.

“Age of Empires 4” will be released on October 28th for Windows and will be distributed via the Microsoft Store and Steam. Heise online was made available by Microsoft a test version via Steam.

heise plays “Age of Empires 4”

“heise plays” is the live stream format for PC and video games on heise online. Michael Wieczorek (@avavii) is dedicated to either the latest releases, major updates for important games or retro classics that might be celebrating a birthday.

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