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In the third edition of the podcast “heise meets … The decision-maker talk”, GiseIa Strnad speaks with Helge-Karsten Lauterbach, Group CIO at Bilfinger and Managing Director of the Bilfinger Global IT Group. Bilfinger is a listed industrial service provider that operates in the fields of petrochemicals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals, as well as energy and utilities, oil and gas. The company has 30,000 employees worldwide who are supported by a 450-strong internal IT team.

In an interview with Helge-Karsten Lauterbach, we find out how the role of the “Chief Information Officer” has changed during the pandemic and how important in-depth IT knowledge was and is. In addition, Strnad and Lauterbach are discussing, for example, whether the job title should not be much more “Change and Information Officer” these days?

In the second episode of the podcast “heise meets … The decision-maker talk”, Gisela Strnad spoke with Tobias Lohmann about the challenge of conveying important future knowledge to employees. Tobias Lohmann is the managing director of the Lower Saxony Business Education Center (BNW).

In the first edition of our new podcast “heise meets …” Gisela Strnad spoke to Dr. Oliver Grün on the topic of digital sovereignty and how this topic is understood from the point of view of six IT associations and organizations (BITMI, eco, BVMW, Breko, Gesellschaft für Informatik und KI Bundesverband).


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