heise Security Webinar: Rights for admins – risk log files

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When looking for clues in their own network, some administrators almost have one leg in jail without knowing it. This applies in particular to investigations against one’s own employees, for example on suspicion of criminal offenses or offenses under labor law. Because the legislature places particularly high demands on the use and evaluation of protocols and log files.

In the editorial webinar “Risk Log Files”, the two experts Christoph Wegener and Joerg Heidrich explain the technical and legal requirements to be observed using a practical example. They explain how you can achieve the greatest possible legal security when logging the data – without compromising IT security and jeopardize your company’s ability to act. The format leaves a lot of space for questions from the participants.

The main topics are:

  • Log files and logging: technical and legal basics
  • Legal risks for admins and IT managers
  • Acquisition, storage and analysis of data: the correct handling of log files
  • Deletion and deletion concepts: How long can you save?
  • Case study: data protection compliant forensic investigations in the company

The webinar “Rights for admins – risk log files” am 30. September 2021 at 10 o’clock is set for 2 hours. It is aimed at administrators, security and data protection officers in companies, authorities and organizations. Participation costs 149 euros. Participation is of course free of charge for members of heise Security Pro. Further information and the possibility to register are available at:


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