# heiseonline25 – the Friday quiz about heise online highlights

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# heiseonline25 - the Friday quiz about heise online highlights

Twenty-five years heise online! An exciting time with wild years and countless ups and downs at a breathtaking pace. What was considered high-end yesterday does not attract an IT-savvy cat from behind the stove today. And heise online also has a lot to tell.

While the headline quiz recently focused on the news of the past 25 years, today’s quiz looks under the hood. What has heise online experienced and moved over the last 25 years? What were the highs, what were the lows? What are the roots

So preparation is worth taking a look at the article on 25 years heise online. But even the old readers and forists of the first hour will be able to shake one or the other answer out of their sleeves. So let’s go!

In order to accompany this anniversary quiz in a musically appealing way, we have dug out the still wonderfully nerdy Spotify playlist from the 20th anniversary of heise online for you. It still fits the occasion perfectly!

The watch is relentless in the fight for the right answers, but as always rewards quick decisions with more points. In total, you can earn a whopping 300 points in 15 questions! Please keep the correct answers to yourself so that the others can also enjoy the puzzle. If you discover errors, you can report them in the heiseforum according to good old custom. But you can also as usual with your achieved score, praise or criticism as usual Twitter and up Facebook share under #tgiqf. In addition, it is always worthwhile to join us Instagram to visit.

It’s actually been 27 years since heise started online with ix.de. IX editors had installed the publisher’s first web server on the editorial server and showed it at the CeBIT stand. On April 17th, 25 years ago, things really got going on heise online with a news ticker and a first, still quite rudimentary news item. At the same time, a common roof was created with www.heise.de for all of the publisher’s magazines.

Even if we were occupied with many topics again and again in the first few days on heise online, the heise online universe has expanded considerably in terms of news, topics and offers. Up to new video and podcast formats and the heise + subscription offer for all articles from heise Medien magazines and exclusive background and know-how articles.

To mark the anniversary, we are launching a series of articles and campaigns that shed light on the history of heise online (and the forums) and provide insights into the background of hardware and software technology, as well as the work of the editorial team. Not to forget one or two quizzes on important events and milestones, and[ […], and … – unfortunately in view of the corona pandemic, unlike the 20th anniversary, this time without a user party. As a reminder, the Spotify playlist for the party an.

In any case: there will also be a lot going on on the occasion of the 25-year-old. Stay tuned!

Spartan beginnings …
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