#heiseshow: Broadband connection – how to get the most out of the Internet

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Almost every household in Germany should now have a landline connection to the Internet, but that doesn’t mean that it’s always the best. There are differences not only in the data rate and the technology used, but of course also in the price. Since changing providers usually works without any problems, it can be worthwhile to switch connections from time to time in order to benefit from the advantages. There are at least a few things to watch out for, we let Urs Mansmann explain us in the current episode.

DSL, cable or fiber optics – which technology can you get where and what should you use when you have the choice? What are the fundamental differences, how do the techniques differ in practice? How much bandwidth do you really need, when do you overdo it? Are there any bargains? When should you change providers, what are the advantages? What should you watch out for with such a change? Do you actually still need a telephone connection and can you save something if you do without it?

Kristina Beer (@bee_k_bee) and Martin Holland (@fingolas) from heise online with Urs Mansmann from the c’t (@Urs_Mansmann) in a new episode of #heiseshow. It starts at 12 noon!

The show is produced by Michael Wieczorek (@avavii).

Thursdays. 12 o’clock. Live. heise online speaks to guests about current technical developments and network policy. Tweets with the hashtag #heiseshow can be used to participate in the discussion before, during and after the broadcast. The #heiseshow is there …

Alternatively, the stream is also on Twitch.tv/heiseonline sent.

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