#heiseshow: Corona apps – this is what check-in, tracing and vaccination verification apps do

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#heiseshow: Corona apps - this is what check-in, tracing and vaccination verification apps do

In order to make the coronavirus pandemic more manageable, apps were developed that manage contact tracking, test and vaccination status and thereby simplify some processes. In some cases, these apps have been and are being devalued as pure solutionism, but they seem to have prevailed anyway. At heisehow, we would like to talk about the app solutions that have been available so far, their functions and security promises.

What can the Corona warning app do now? How does the Luca app work and what criticism has arisen about it? When will the digital vaccination certificate come and how is it developed? Which apps only work regionally, which ones across Germany or Europe? How are contact or health data stored and passed on?

Jürgen Kuri (@jkuri) and Kristina Beer (@bee_k_bee) with Holger Bleich (@_robinhob) from the c’t live on Thursday at 12 noon in a new episode of the #heiseshow.

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