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#heiseshow: How sustainable and modular the “laptop” from Framework is

Since the summer there has been a sustainable notebook with the “laptop” from Framework, the connections of which can be freely combined, which should be easy to upgrade and as durable as possible. Spare parts as well as additional modules are offered on a separate marketplace, so that you can put together a device that is as individual as possible and that should accompany you for a long time. Due to the current delivery bottlenecks, availability in other markets is still a long way off. Nevertheless, the device and the concept behind it already attracts a lot of attention and fits into the zeitgeist. We let us explain what the “laptop” is all about and what the competition currently looks like.

How much does Frameworks “Laptop” really differ from other notebooks? How sustainable is the device really? What are the advantages of buyers and what are the disadvantages of modularity? What is the next step with the device, what plans does the framework have? How easy is it to repair the “laptop”, how much longer will you be able to use it? How is it with laptops, what developments are there at the big manufacturers? How big is the selection, what are the consequences of chip shortages and delivery bottlenecks?

Kristina Beer (@bee_k_bee) and Martin Holland (@fingolas) from heise online live with c’t editor Florian Müssig.

Alternatively, the stream is also on sent.

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