#heiseshow: QD-OLEDs, rotating TVs, body part scales – what is there at CES?

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The year in the electronics and IT industry traditionally begins with the CES, despite Omikron this year is no different. Apart from that, the fair in Las Vegas differs very clearly from the ones before the pandemic. The list of cancellations is long, and many exhibition areas are empty. But what cannot be done on site takes place virtually. And so there are still a lot of new ideas around processors, notebooks, tablets, screens, vacuum robots, electric cars and much more.

But what are the most important innovations from Las Vegas? What are QD OLEDs and do you really need smart TVs that can be rotated through 90 °? What has happened in notebooks and what other technical developments are there? Were there any real surprises and unexpected things? When will the products shown go on sale and how readily will they be available? How do manufacturers deal with the difficulties surrounding chip defects and interrupted supply chains? How does the CES differ in terms of reporting during pandemic times? How permanent will the changes be after the pandemic?

Kristina Beer (@bee_k_bee) and Martin Holland (@fingolas) from heise online live at 12 noon with Ulrike Kuhlmann and Nico Jurran (@NicoJurran) and Florian Müssig from c’t in a new episode of #heiseshow.

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