Henry Cavill insists on playing this character for years

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In the last week, his name became a trend again. Since Netflix launched the second season of The Witcher, Henry Cavill he returned to the attention of the spectators who celebrate each of his works. It is that in the last decade he has been part of unforgettable projects with which he has won the hearts of moviegoers. But there is a role, very different from the others, with which dreams and does not give up. This was recently demonstrated.

Although today he is 38 years old and a consolidated careerIt was not like that from the beginning: after being bullied at school – while dreaming of acting and becoming a renowned figure – he managed to enter the film industry with a very small role 20 years ago. After his work in Laguna, the film directed by Dennis Barry in 2021, was summoned by the greatest producers in projects with global impact.

One of them was Superman, but actually… He always dreamed of being James Bond! Like Hugh Jackman, Idris Elba, Tom Hiddleston, Jude Law or Damian Lewis, the British actor lost the role of the Agent 007. On repeated occasions, he assured that “it would have been a fun role“, But just a few days ago he mentioned the matter again in dialogue with The Times and left the door open to join this universe as well.

Today he is going through one of the best moments of his career, especially in regards to the new era of streaming. It is that in addition to interpreting Geralt de Rivia in the last season of The Witcher released on Netflix, will soon release the sequel to Enola Holmes exclusively for the platform. And among his projects for 2022, he did not miss that character for whom auditioned failed in 2006.

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Time will tell. We don’t know in which direction they want to take James BondCavill began. And he maintained: “That’s why I like to say that everything is always on the table”. In this way, the actor is emerging as the ideal candidate for the future of the franchise. It is that he meets all the requirements to carry out this interpretation but, above all, he has the desire.

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