Henry Cavill was Superman in real life: the tender gesture he had with a loved one

Henry Cavill was Superman in real life: the tender gesture he had with a loved one

Henry Cavill is currently one of the most acclaimed celebrities by fans, not only for his performances in film and television, but also for being a person who has always shown respect and affection towards his followers. Undoubtedly, the millions that ask for him to return to being Superman in the DC Expanded Universe they will feel more pride in the actor when they know a tender gesture that we will tell you below.

As we know, the interpreter put himself in the skin of the character for the movies of the DCEU on Man of Steel (2013), Batman vs. Superman (2016) Y Justice League (2017), and in that way he conquered most of his fans. However, Warner Bros. chose to fire him from the franchise after he refused to make a cameo in Shazam! and of the failure that was the film that reunited to the superheroes. This year it was finally confirmed that the company is looking for a new actor and will not return.

In the meantime, Henry focuses on various projects, but here we will stop at a particular story worth remembering. In an interview he gave in the Kelly and Ryan Show, almost three years ago, won the hearts of his fans again after talk about a cute gesture he made for his nephew Thomas, who suffered before his classmates and teachers at school.

What happened was that The seven-year-old boy came to the educational establishment fully dressed as Superman and, noticing that he aroused curiosity among those around him, openly confessed that his uncle is a DCEU superhero and wanted to imitate him. Given this, his teacher did not believe his words and tried to explain that the character does not really exist, but the infant insisted again that it was true.

The teacher sent him to the principal’s office, who did not believe what he said either and stated that he should seek help by thinking that everything was the product of his imagination. That is why they called his mother and confirmed what the boy said, but before the confusion of the school authority, she had to call Henry Cavill directly, who happened to be her brother-in-law.

This story has a happy ending as Upon receiving the call, the actor did nothing more than arrive at his nephew’s school to confirm the child’s version and left everyone speechless. Henry He comes from being part of the Snyder Cut, in his last participation within the franchise, but there is no doubt that the child of his family will always see him as Superman, as well as his fans who ask for his return.


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