Henry Cavill’s greatest challenge as Geralt De Rivia in The Witcher 2

The Witcher it was one of the most successful series that Netflix bet on. The first season premiered on December 20, 2019 and for a year, until the premiere of Bridgerton, was established as the most viewed in the history of the platform. For this reason, the company did not take long to renew it and on December 17, ten episodes that make up season two will arrive.

One more time Henry Cavill puts himself back in the shoes of Geralt de Rivia to star The Witcher where you must face new and bloody challenges. For the actor, finishing the filming of this edition was quite an achievement because they suffered more than one stone on the way during the creation work. First, the restrictions due to the COVID pandemic, then his fatal hamstring injury.

However, this was not all, but Cavill was also on the verge of going blind from the number of hours he had to wear contact lenses to impersonate Geralt of Rivia. So, as a precaution, she had to undergo daily monitoring by a contact lens specialist to measure the number of hours she could film with the character’s typical eyes.

But, regardless of how harsh this sounds, it should be noted that it was not the hardest thing Henry had to face for the new edition of The Witcher. This is because, beyond the human damage he suffered, his character is the one who faced the greatest challenges. In fact, there are two very important moments that the protagonist will live this season and we remind you of them.

In the first season, the young Ciri discovers that her destiny is to find Geralt, while he knows the same information. While they still do not understand why they are destined to spend time together, the reality is that they have to and it is he who must take care of her. And now, in this new edition that is one of her biggest challenges as she must save her from her enemies.

On the other hand, the character of Henry Cavill he must also continue to support the stigmatization of the residents of the towns he goes to. Geralt of Rivia is known to be a sorcerer and monster slayer who, despite being the caretaker of Princess Cirilla, is highly feared everywhere he visits. That is why, to command respect, he must do it by force and that, ultimately, always plays a trick on him so now he is forced to find another way to relate.

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