Henry Cavill’s next project that takes him away from acting

Henry Cavill's next project that takes him away from acting

When mentioning great Hollywood celebrities of today we must mention Henry Cavill, who enlarged his figure after putting on the suit of Superman in the DC Comics Expanded Universe. Although it is recognized around the world for what it has done in front of the screens, is heading to be part of a project that has nothing to do with film and television. What is it about?

Currently the interpreter is out of the DCEU as the Man of Steel and Warner Bros. has just replaced him in a promotional poster with Christopher Reeve’s version, making it clear that they no longer want to have him and will look for a new actor for the character. Meanwhile, the filming of the second season of the series is coming to an end. The Witcher on the Netflix streaming service, which will arrive in the next few months.

The next project that Henry will be part of Star Citizen O Squadron 42, a videogame which is currently being developed by Microsoft Windows and Linux. There will be the UEE pilot, Ryan Enright, in a simulator that puts in the role of a human being more than 930 years in the future. Is about an open world game, or open universe, since you can explore the entire galaxy.

The video game has been in development for almost nine years, which is why it is positioned as one of the most anticipated, and one of the most ambitious in history, due to its 250 million dollar budget.. In addition to Cavill, the campaign mode will also be integrated by other familiar faces from the world of movies, since we will have to Mark Hamill, Gillian Anderson, Ben Mendelsohn, Gary Oldman y Mark Strong.

“Será mejor que God of War, The Last of Us 2 y Read Dead Redemption 2”, it was said at the time, but the truth is that It does not yet have any release date for its beta and less than its full version. Christ Roberts, director and designer, said: “The best answer to your question is that Squadron 42 will be ready when it is finished, and it will not be released just to meet an appointment, but once all the technology and content is finished, polished and played well.”.


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