Henry Cavill’s strategy to overcome one of his worst moments in the Witcher

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On December 17, Netflix will add to its catalog the second season of The Witcher. After several stumbles during filming, Henry Cavill Put yourself back in the shoes of Geralt of Rivia to face new challenges. And, in these new eight episodes, the sorcerer will have his long-awaited meeting with Ciri while Yennefer will face his destiny.

However, despite the fact that fans are very anxiously waiting to see her again. Henry Cavill on The Witcher, this second part did not bring the best experiences to the actor. Is that, beyond the coronavirus pandemic which caused the loss of some of the cast members for 15 days since they were affected by the virus, the protagonist also had to take a few days off the set.

While it was not entirely his intention, Cavill suffered a hamstring injury during filming. For what transpired at that time was during an action scene in which the British had this accident. And, although not much is known about it, it was confirmed that the production followed the filming while he took his rest.

Henry Cavill during the filming of The Witcher. Photo: (Netflix)

However, after a while, Henry’s accident was not mentioned again and it was only a few hours ago that he himself confessed how he managed to overcome it. During an interview with People, he assured that he lived this moment as something positive in his life since he gained strength and made the most of the pause dictated by the doctor.

I believe that one of the skills that I have acquired over the years is to keep going no matter the difficulty, hard work or mishaps”, He began by saying and then added:“So when I suffered the hamstring injury I tried to see the bright side. I concentrated on squeezing that free time and focusing it thinking about the best way to heal”Were his exact words.

Likewise, the protagonist of The Witcher made it clear that his mental well-being is paramount to him. “When it comes to my health I focus on what I can control and work on that. And that gives me something to work on rather than something to deal with, overcome, or manage in my life.“, Hill.


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