Her Boss Told Her She Would Never Get Anything And Now She’s A Successful Realtor: The Emily McAllister Story

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Many times, the best revenge that one can have is success and progress, especially when there are people who give their opinions with the intention of making others feel bad. This was the case with Emily McAllister, from U.S, whose former boss fired her from her real estate job claiming she was a “Unsuccessful”, but today counts your history in Tiktok claiming to have achieved more than 11 million dollars in sales. Immediately, his story was became a trend this red social.

When this fact exploded on the Chinese platform, it was also echoed in some media such as The Post, where McAllister stated: “If I had let that first boss get to me, I probably wouldn’t have stayed in the business.”.

Emily McAllister She has confessed that she has been moving in the world of real estate since she was 20 years old and, as soon as she obtained her real estate license, she joined her first company, but after a couple of weeks she was fired.

“After a few weeks of being there, my boss took me to his office and said: ‘you need to find a different career because this is not for you, you don’t have it, you don’t make the cut’, I don’t have what it takes to be successful at this. “he confessed.

But, he turned a deaf ear to the negative criticism of the subject, he stood firm and his story serves as an inspiration to many of his followers as an example of perseverance.

“In January, I shared my goal of selling 11 million 150 thousand in real estate (some 67 houses) for the year (…) And 80 thousand of you are now investing in this trip, with five weeks left. And guess what, I’m just 554 thousand dollars away (2 houses to get it) “, you hear him say in which video he posted the past November 20.

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The testimony of the 25 year old from Greenville, North Carolina, it did not take long to become viral Tiktok, to the point that he got more than 5.7 million views on this social network, also reaching the ears of what is considered the “Queen of real estate”, Barbara Corcoran, who did not hesitate to confess his admiration: “Incredible”.

In fact when Emily He noticed that Corcoran reacted to his video and decided to follow up on his own case: “From there, I kept pressing update and update. I went absolutely crazy with the commitment. After he left that comment, I pushed him to the top. “.

He continued his idea with: “The way the Internet works is crazy. That someone like me, who comes from a small town, from a small area, posts a video about real estate on Tiktok, then it appears in your feed (from Corcoran) and found it interesting enough for you to leave a comment. That’s how wild the network works “.

Finally, he had a reflection on how decisions and attitudes What we can or cannot take can change, for better or for worse, Our fates.

“Sometimes, life passes and there are things that are out of our control. Ultimately, I still did a lot more business this year than last year and there is something to be said about it, and I will try again next year (…) I try very hard not to glamorize only the good parts of the business, I try to show it everything and I think people appreciate it “, he sentenced.

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