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‘Her Costume Was Excellent’

‘Her Costume Was Excellent’

Sarah Ferguson recently shared an amusing revelation about an incident during her hen night with Princess Diana that almost led to their arrest for impersonating policewomen. Speaking on a podcast, the 64-year-old Duchess of York fondly reminisced about her close bond with the late Princess, expressing how much she “loved” her companion.

During the Thornton’s White Wine Question Time podcast, Ferguson divulged the details, showcasing the deep affection and sense of fun the duo shared. Referring to Diana affectionately as “Dutch,” she enthused, “We had a great time together.”

The Duchess recounted a particularly comical memory from her hen night before her 1986 wedding to Prince Andrew. “On my hen night, we dressed up as policewomen and were arrested by Parks Police,” she chuckled. “We were put in the back of a Parks Police van, and Diana even leaned over and ate the driver’s smoky bacon crisps.”

She clarified that the crisps belonged to the police van driver, recounting an earlier conversation with Kelly Clarkson where she mentioned their nightclub adventure in full policewomen uniforms. In the UK, impersonating a police officer is illegal and can result in up to six months’ imprisonment and/or a fine to the statutory maximum.

Ferguson added, “We got off eventually, but I was hauled in front of the boss [the Queen] the next day with her. Luckily, Her Majesty did laugh.” She also noted that the staff at the club they visited were fooled by their convincing policewomen outfits. “Princess Diana’s costume was very good,” she admitted. “We sat down, and the waiter approached us and said, ‘Excuse me, this is a member’s club, and it’s for fun. We don’t serve police officers here.’”

The Duchess had previously shared this story with Clarkson last year, emphasizing how her cherished memories of Princess Diana keep her spirit alive. “She’s with me all day,” she said. “She and I laughed a lot and got into trouble a lot.”

“She used to tell me the worst joke stories just before I had to be serious,” Ferguson added with a smile.

Recently, Fergie revisited this entertaining memory during what has been a challenging year for her, having overcome cancer for the second time. Her daughter, Princess Beatrice, had announced Ferguson’s recovery after she was diagnosed with skin cancer in January, merely six months after being cleared of breast cancer.

Princess Beatrice, 35, happily reported that her mother received the “all-clear” in May and is “thriving.” She stated during an appearance on This Morning, “She’s been through so much, but I think really now she’s coming into her own.”