“Hercai”: 5 things that will happen in the last chapter, November 6

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The Turkish soap opera “Hercai”Has positioned itself as one of the most tuned by the public in parts of Europe and Latin America. His story of love and revenge is compelling due to the constant revelations and secrets that exist between the families.

The program revolves around They watch (Akın Akınözü) y Reyyan (Ebru Şahin), who fight for their love despite everything that lies ahead. “Hercai” It is based on the novel by the Turkish writer Sümeyye Koç, whose title in Spanish means ‘pride’.

In the following lines, learn about the most important scenes that took place in the last broadcast on November 6 through Nova in Spain.

As it is remembered, the pregnancy of Reyyan It is high risk, so the life of the mother or child will be in danger at the time of birth. Miran’s wife is aware of this and is willing to die for her son to live, but not everyone knows about her situation.

Upon learning of the young woman’s difficult condition, her doctor decided to stop treating her and referred her to another gynecologist who turned out to be Azra; but when discovering the danger in which the pregnancy of the little one puts her Hope, the doctor will motivate her to abort.

The truth is that Miran does not know the decision Reyyan has made and she hopes that he continues without knowing it, although her gynecologist is against keeping something so important a secret.

The mother of Miran and Reyyan They do not have a good relationship and after their first confrontation, Dislah has attacked his daughter-in-law again. After learning that Reyyan would die if she decides to give birth, the woman yelled at her “I want you dead”.

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She knows that if she doesn’t talk about it with her son, her daughter-in-law could die, so she decides to keep it a secret and pretend that the discussion never happened. This is how he offers an apology, although the young woman knows that this is not entirely sincere.

“They have treated me so badly that now I treat badly”, Dislah was justified.

Upon arriving to find his mother and wife arguing, Miran explodes and asks Dilsah for an explanation. “What has Reyyan done to you? Why do you want Reyyan dead? “asks the man, who is tired of seeing people who want to get along.

Knowing that her son will not be able to meet her, Reyyan prepares to put together an album with photos that will allow Umut to know what his mother is like; But there is an important moment that you do not have enough memories, the day of your wedding.

Fortunately, Miran surprises her with a second marriage proposal that will allow her to recreate the wedding they never had.

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