Hermética’s legacy according to Claudio O’Connor: “I can’t believe the songs are still valid after so long”

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“I don’t want this to happen to us anymore.” The Tano Romano, a historical guitarist of the national metal, he is strict about his feelings in the face of the pandemic. ”We had a horrible time; One day I said to him: “I don’t know if we’re going to see each other again one day,” but luckily my premonition was not fulfilled, “he adds. Claudio O’Connor.

After 18 months on hold, they have just returned to the stage (in Mar del Plata and Córdoba) and are preparing to give new life to The H Did Not Die, Malón’s tribute to Hermética, on October 23 at the Obras Sanitarias stadium. “Going out on the road keeps us alive,” says the singer. “It was great to feel the adrenaline that comes from playing live again,” adds Romano.

In the middle, the band underwent a change of member: the historical drummer Claudio Strunz left Malón -and consequently, La H- in March of this year and was replaced by Javier Rubio, who has already gone through the debut of fire. Two living legends of national music stand outside revisionism and build the future to continue leaving their mark.

-Does the validity of these songs have to do with a cyclical crisis that seems to be going through Argentina?

O’Connor: To the world! From the inside, it is difficult for us to see the work as the public does. It is a physical matter because we cannot put ourselves outside. We cannot believe that so much time has passed and the repertoire is still in force. Even our validity, because we are no longer 20 years old and we are still attractive to people. In our shows you see three generations: you see 15-year-old kids and several who come with their children. It is mind-boggling. We transcended through time.

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-Are you aware of the legacy of these songs?

O’Connor: Apparently (LAUGHS). We are grateful for the passing of the years and for being able to continue dedicating ourselves to this, which is why we came to the world

Tano Romano: We work to try to do things right. We made this music with our hearts and with responsibility; And we do not stay in time, we are at the international level. This is very noticeable because the kids see that we are up-to-date and our music, despite the fact that it was made many years ago, is still current.

-Do you think about the representativeness of metal today?

O’Connor: We always wanted to rock it on stage and we got to this point without realizing it, where we became a cult band. We do not think about whether we are rock heroes, that escapes us. The important thing is that after Strunz’s departure, our relationship with the Tano is perfect, we are not worn out and we want to continue doing this.

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