Hernán ‘el Loco’ Montenegro spoke about his time at “MasterChef Celebrity” and revealed: “I had panic attacks and went to the psychiatrist”

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Hernán 'el Loco' Montenegro spoke about his time at "MasterChef Celebrity" and revealed: "I had panic attacks and went to the psychiatrist"

The former basketball player stayed on the cooking reality show for 8 weeks. (Photo: Instagram / @ hernan22montenegro)

In its passage through MasterChef Celebrity (Telefe), Hernán ‘el loco’ Montenegro not only surprised many galas with his preparations but also became an endearing character. Between his flirtations with Claudia Fontán and his friendship with Alex Caniggia, was shaping up to be one of the finalists of the contest. However, he was eliminated and was halfway there. In a recent interview, he revealed that during his time on the show, he felt very pressured. “It is a beautiful game, but also a massacre”.

Invited to Fantino in the afternoon (America), the former basketball player referred to how he handles the exposure that the kitchen reality show gave him: “I always remember what Andy Warhol said, about fifteen minutes of fame. This is simple, I never ate the movie and I think that if you can stretch it a little more and you know how to use it, it’s 20 minutes ”.

After this reflection, he recalled the talk he had with his partner when he entered the program: “He asked me ‘how long do you want to last?’, And I told him eight weeks and I stayed that long, because I understood the game. I did not want to last longer because it is a massacre”.

Montenegro said that he recently encountered Boy Olmi -participant in the first edition of the cooking competition- and they agreed on their experiences: “He also stayed for eight weeks. We both talk about the same thing, about suffering. I ended up with panic attacks, with a psychiatrist ”.

Hearing it, and very surprised, Alejandro Fantino He asked the reason for this discomfort and the former athlete was blunt: “For the pressure that you yourself you put yourself, first because half Argentina sees you and second because you are cooking in front of three international chefs ”.

In addition, he related that during his time on the program he witnessed all kinds of reactions from his colleagues to the returns of the jury: “I have seen people cry, kick cars, whoring … everything. It’s a beautiful game but It is a massacre that makes you go through all the stadiumsYou can ask anyone who passed by ”.

The madman related that when he felt that his cycle in the program was completed, he wanted to go and did everything possible to get eliminated although it was not very easy.

“When they kicked me out MasterChefThey moved me to after hour, which is where you face off with the other eliminated. The first day came and I met her Dolli irigoyen, which is a genius. There I had to compete against Sol Pérez and I told him ‘cook well so I’m going to hell …’, but he cooked like the cu … and I won. The other week with Daniel Araoz the same thing happened and with Andrea Rincon too, until he grabbed me Carmen Barbieri and I asked him to please cook well because I wanted to go. She did it and I left, “he said with a laugh.

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