Hernández exposes Jewish businessmen to the advantages of investing in Honduras

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Tegucigalpa, Nov 18 (EFE) .- The president of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández, exposed this Thursday to members of the Israelite Benevolent Society Shevet Ahim and the Hebrew Community of Panama, the investment opportunities offered by his country, reported a source official in Tegucigalpa.

Hernández presented the advantages of Honduras at a business meeting held in Panama, where he also seeks to encourage investors to take advantage of the Central American country’s tourism offer, the Honduran Presidency said in a statement.

The Honduran leader also presented businessmen with initiatives to promote development in the Gulf of Fonseca, in the Pacific, including the construction of a bridge that will link the municipality of Amapala, on Isla del Tigre, with Coyolito to the mainland.

The projects in the Gulf of Fonseca connect with a dry canal that connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific, as well as other highways, ports and airports, which complement the logistics system of Honduras that will provide “facilities for trade and tourism not only for benefit of the country, but for the region ”, he added.

The head of state pointed out that Honduras has made “a leap in the immigration and customs system and our vision is for Honduras to be a competitive country on the issue of aviation and cargo.”


In the business forum, Hernández explained that Honduras is a country “100 percent open” to trade, logistics and financial services, the exchange of goods and services, among others.

He stressed that in his Administration the country has achieved “the best business climate, with the best incentives, with a warm, hospitable and hard-working people.”

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Hernández said that his government has dealt “strong blows” to organized crime and drug trafficking, and stressed that it is “no longer the most violent country in the world.”

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