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“He’s Not Just Funny, He’s Good Lookin’ Too” – Lainey Wilson’s Celebrity Crush

Lainey Wilson recently got candid, answering 8 questions before 8 AM on the TODAY Show. It’s always engaging for fans when artists share insights beyond their music, as it allows them to better connect with their favorite musicians. Fans get to discover interesting tidbits such as favorite foods, leisure activities, and fun personal facts.

Lainey Wilson, a prominent name in country music, hails from Louisiana and often acknowledges how her background influences her sound. She blends classic country with modern elements, creating her unique musical magic. So, it wasn’t too surprising when she revealed she’d love to collaborate with legends like Loretta Lynn and Elvis Presley, and also named Dolly Parton as her hero.

However, what might catch fans off guard is Wilson’s choice in celebrity crushes. She started by saying she has a thing for men with a sense of humor, which greatly influences what she finds attractive. With this in mind, the celebrities she named definitely reflect her good taste.

“Celebrity crush…hmm. See, I’m all about humor. That’s what makes somebody cute to me. So um…Matthew McConaughey, of course. I mean, he ain’t just funny, he’s good lookin’ too. So there you go…” said Wilson, with a playful nod.

She didn’t stop there. Wilson gave her fans a little extra by naming another crush who she finds both witty and charming: “Ashton Kutcher.”

These choices definitely show Wilson’s predilection for humor and charm. It’s also safe to assume that her partner, Duck Hodges, must possess a good sense of humor to have captured her heart. They not only make a cute couple but seem to share a strong, humorous bond.

Source: TODAY Show, YouTube, Instagram