He’s the best: Sam Heughan will help fuel the careers of young talent

Sam Heughan is recognized in recent years for his role as Jamie Fraser in the series Outlander, which has five seasons and you can watch on the Netflix streaming service. Although the actor is very topical, the truth is that a good part of his artistic career was spent in the theater, waiting for the moment to come. It was recently made official that it will launch a program that will help many young people and promises to change their lives.

The beginnings of the interpreter date back to 2001, a time in which he participated in multiple theatrical works: Amphibians, The Talented Mr. Ripley, The Twist, Prometeo encadenado Y Seagull. Thanks to these roles he was called to be part of the film Small Moments Y it wasn’t until 2004 that he got a second chance in front of the cameras, for the series Island at War, where it was five episodes.

Like various actors, Sam recognizes that there are not many possibilities, although everyone should have access to one to show what they are capable of.. As a graduate of the Royal Conservatory of Scotland, is funding a new scholarship project and screenwriting contest on your behalf. The main objective of these scholarships is support students who cannot otherwise afford their place within the establishment.

According to the media report The Scotsman, Two Scottish students will receive financial support to take places in the RCS acting course, while one non-Scottish student will receive financial aid to take a place in any course at the theater, dance, production and film school every year. Heughan will fund the launch of a new Screenplay Award later this year and new talents are expected to appear.

“I came here many years ago and I just remember how difficult it was for me then and obviously in today’s environment, especially with the pandemic, things are just as or twice as difficult for students.”, He said Sam Heughan in a message. It culminated: “I felt really important being able to give back. I feel very fortunate in my career and where I found myself in the industry. To help, I guess, inspire some of the students as well and support them because I know there is so much creativity and talent coming out of this very special building “.


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