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HGTV's Nicole Curtis Linked to Dave Coulier from "Full House"

HGTV’s Nicole Curtis Linked to Dave Coulier from “Full House”

HGTV star Nicole Curtis has recently been linked to actor Dave Coulier, sparking curiosity about their past relationship. Curtis’s mother, Joan Curtis, has spoken to RadarOnline, shedding light on the brief romance. According to Joan, the involvement between Nicole and Dave was more serious than some might have assumed. “When Nicole was engaged to Dave Coulier, she was planning to move to California,” Joan shared. “Steven Cimini, who was close to their son Ethan, had his company transfer him to California. However, Nicole called off the engagement to Coulier, and Cimini remained in California.”

These statements partially align with passages from Nicole Curtis’s memoir, “Better Than New: Lessons I’ve Learned from Saving Old Homes.” In her book, Curtis mentions that Cimini moved to California for a job. Around the same time, she was dating a Michigan businessman named Christopher and had plans to eventually relocate to California with him. She wrote, “By then, Steve was living in California, and with everything going on in Detroit, I thought this was something I should just go with. Plus, Christopher made me laugh. So off we went. The plan was to spend eighteen months in Minneapolis, save money, and then head to California.”

While the course of events did not unfold as planned, Nicole recounts how her relationship with Christopher led her into the fields of real estate and renovation. The exact role of Dave Coulier in this narrative remains unclear, even with the diligent efforts of internet fans to piece together the timeline.

Source: RadarOnline