High demand for notebooks: Lenovo’s profit more than doubled

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PC world market leader Lenovo continues to benefit massively from the increased demand for notebooks and desktop PCs in the corona pandemic. In the past quarter, earnings rose 119 percent year-on-year to $ 466 million. In the first quarter of fiscal year ended June sales increased by 27 percent to 16.9 billion US dollars. At the current exchange rate, this corresponds to sales of around 14.5 billion euros and a profit of 397 million euros.

In Germany, Lenovo was able to expand its position amid a widespread component shortage in the industry. According to its own statements, the company achieved a market share of 49 percent in the business of notebooks for business customers with 670,000 devices sold in this country. Previously, the value was around 42 percent. The availability was planned well in 2020, said Lenovo manager Mirco Krebs.

The average sales price of PCs in Germany was also around 150 euros higher than in the previous year. One of the reasons for this is that cheaper models are difficult to come by in view of component bottlenecks and strong global demand, for example from the education sector. Interested parties therefore resort to more expensive models more often.

Overall, Lenovo assumes that the short-term corona boom of the past year, in which companies and private buyers swept away the PC shelves, is over – but the market as a whole has grown again. The situation before Corona, when there was usually one current notebook per household, will not return, stressed Krebs. Instead, the trend is that practically everyone needs a PC that is regularly replaced by a new one.

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The stock exchange reacted to the with a plus of 82 to 89 cents per share Announcement of the business figures.


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