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Hilarious Clip: Woman Reacts to Guests Wearing White at Wedding

Hilarious Clip: Woman Reacts to Guests Wearing White at Wedding

There’s never an excuse to wear white at someone else’s wedding — unless you’re a sheep, of course! One photographer created a hilarious video about the unexpected “guests” who made an appearance during a couple’s special day. In the breathtaking footage of this outdoor ceremony, you can clearly see numerous sheep wandering the picturesque landscape. Obviously, these animals couldn’t help being covered in white wool!

Photographer Caragh Isla posted the amusing video in response to a user’s funny comment.

“Unbelievable that they’d wear white to your wedding,” the person had written.

To continue the joke, Caragh responded with clips of the ill-mannered sheep at her clients’ wedding.

“So many people wore white to my couple’s wedding so I’m putting them on blast,” she captioned the video.

Several comments on the post added to the humor.

“I’m so sorry this happened to you!!” one user wrote. “I hope that all feel mighty sheepish for pulling that stunt.”

Another user shared a comical story from their own wedding.

“It snowed on my wedding day,” they wrote. “A friend said Mother Nature was rude for wearing white.”

Though not all of Caragh’s clients get to have sheep at their weddings, she often captures outdoor shots in stunning locations. Based in Ireland, she brands herself as an “elopement photographer.” In her videos, she encourages couples to break with tradition and focus their ceremonies on themselves.

“Wear the colorful dress,” she suggested in one caption. “Run away and elope at an ancient castle. It’s your day, don’t let anyone stop you.”

Ultimately, you can’t control how others will react to your choices on your special day. Sometimes, you can’t even control whether there will be sheep at your wedding. The best you can do is plan a ceremony that means something to you and your partner, and roll with the punches as they come!

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