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“Hilary Swank shines in Spotlight director’s hit-and-miss series”

New Fiction Series Hilary Swank Stars In on Star+

Hilary Swank plays the role of an investigative journalist trying to restore her reputation in the Alaskan newspaper, Alaska Daily, in the new fiction series on Star+. Created by Tom McCarthy, the series follows the line of McCarthy’s Academy Award-winning film, Spotlight.

The Storyline

The first season of 11 episodes follows the story of Eileen Fitzgerald (Swank), an investigative journalist who previously worked for a renowned newspaper in New York. After an error costs her an unblemished reputation, she escapes the world of cancellation culture and political corruption by taking a job at the Daily Alaskan.

Stanley, an editor who worked with her in the beginning, played by Scandal actor Jeff Perry, offers her a job to investigate the disappearance of hundreds of indigenous women and the death of Gloria Nanmac. The journalist is intrigued by the case and teams up with Roz (Grace Dove), a rookie journalist who is close to the issue due to a personal story. Together, they try to uncover the truth behind Gloria’s death and her possible link to the other missing women.

Our Opinion

The series starts off well with its focus on the investigation but loses track when it takes a digression into the subplots of other editors’ investigations. However, the show still manages to captivate its viewers with its attention to the detail and obstacles which occur throughout the investigation. The performance by the lead casts, Hilary Swank and Grace Dove, is commendable as they skillfully portray their characters in a non-stereotypical manner.

Final Thoughts

Although it has its ups and downs, the new fiction series on Star+, created by Tom McCarthy, and starring Hilary Swank is definitely worth a watch. With a captivating storyline and admirable performances, the series raises awareness about the issue of indigenous women’s disappearances in Alaska, shining a light on the desperation and hard work that goes into solving such cases.

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