Hit It Rich Free Coins 2022

Hit It Rich Free Coins Links 2022

Are you someone addicted to the Hit It Rich game? Is your resource inventory running out of coins? Are you hunting for a way to get your hands on free coins, quickly? If all the answers are YES for you, this article is heaven for you. 

We will not allow your inventory to dry up… In this article, we have shared all links and a handful of ways that will help you to earn free coins within a blink of an eye. So, ready to take your gaming experience to another level? Read on to know more. 

Hit It Rich Is A Treat For Casino Lovers 

Want to dive into the virtual world of casinos? Hit It Rich! is the game you need to install on your mobile. It is one of the incredible casino games crafted by Zynga. The game is loaded with features and resources that give the players an insane gaming experience. While it’s a free game, to enhance the experience and get an edge over other players, players can grab some paid features and resources. 

Hit It Rich Free Coins 

Though you can enjoy the free version of the game to win and make more money, you need investment. Therefore, coins are necessary. But if you are running out of these precious assets, it may be difficult for you to get the true essence of the game. 

So, to make your gaming journey 10x easier and special, we have presented a complete guide on how to get free coins in Hit It Rich! game. Make sure to read the complete article as you cannot afford to miss any points.

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If you have already installed the Hit It Rich! game, you know that it’s loaded with riches and rewards. However, to enjoy the fullest of the game and start winning big, you need coins. Though the game offers 60,000,000 Bonus Coins to its new users, you may run out of it if you are a consistent player. It’s true that you can spend some real cash to get in-game coins, but why spend your hard-earned money when you can get free Hit It Rich coins? Here is how to get hands-on free coins. 

Hit It Rich Free Coins Links 2022

Nov 03 Links

Get Free Coins
Get Free Coins

Nov 02 Links

Get Free Coins
Get Free Coins

October 29 Links

Get Free Coins

How To Get Hit It Rich Free Coins? 

Getting free coins is a piece of cake for experienced players. However, if you are a new player, we are making it a bit easier for you. Here are the methods to get hands-on Hit It Rich free coins easily and quickly – 

Slide Coin Trick (For Non-Rooted Devices) 

Don’t want to root your device, but still want to get free coins? No worries, with this trick you can do that easily. While you can earn a bag full of free coins, you will have to devote some time to it. Yes, because in this method, you will have to watch videos, visit websites, and download apps to qualify for the free coins. 

To use this trick, first, you have to download the Hit It Rich! game from Playstore or App Store. Next, simply login into your account and you will see a bunch of ways to earn free coins. Complete all the tasks given to earn coins. 

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Daily Coin Offer 

Yes, the game itself gives you coins. You can earn a bunch of coins every day based on your level. Simply, you need to log into the game every day to claim the coins. If you don’t have any player level, no need to panic. Just log in and complete the tutorial to get coins. 

How To Get Unlimited Free Coins In Hit It Rich! Game?

Though not unlimited, you can earn countless Hit It Rich free coins, only if your device is rooted. You can simply install a special version of the InstallCoin application that will reward you with free coins every time you log into the app.

Note that this trick is only applicable to rooted devices. Moreover, there are no security or virus issues with the InstallCoin as it is developed by the creators of Hit It Rich!, who wanted the users to get an insane gaming experience without spending money. 

More Way To Get Hit It Rich Free Coins 2022

If you don’t want to spend time trying the above-mentioned tricks, we have some easier ways to get free coins, which are as follows – 

Follow Hit It Rich! Officials On Facebook 

Following the officials of the Hit It Rich! Game on Facebook is the best bet to get hands-on all promotions, updates, coupons, giveaways, and much more. Simply follow them on Facebook and keep checking back to keep a track of all updates. 

You can also connect to the officials on other social media platforms to keep yourself updated with the latest offers and giveaways. 

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Connect Your Facebook Account With Hit It Rich Account 

Yes, just linking the two accounts will reward you with 10,000,000 coins. This is one of the easiest and sure-shot methods to earn free coins. 

2-Hour Bonus Coins Trick 

If you are a die-hard Hit It Rich fan, this trick is child’s play for you. Simply you need to play the game and tune back to the menu every 2 hours to collect free coins. Isn’t it easy?


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