Hitman 3 will celebrate Halloween with a free event; rewards, dates and more

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Hitman 3 will celebrate Halloween with a completely free special event. From October 26th Orson’s nightmare will be added. Hawke’s Bay, the prologue level for Hitman 2, will see the return of Agent 47 in a different way than the events that unfolded in the final game.

The event is made up of a three-level escalation contract, named after the well-known character from the second installment. We will infiltrate “in your dreams” during “an unforgettable night for the forgotten man of Hawke’s Bay.” “You will progress through a contract that will constantly challenge your expectations,” they point out from IO-Interactive.

You will receive exclusive rewards upon completion. The Tactical Swimsuit and Bat Shuriken will be added to inventory. If you have the complete game you need not fear losing it: it will remain forever. If you are a player of the free starter pack, you have until November 29 to finish it.

Season of Wrath Comes

The Halloween event is part of the content that introduces the Season of Wrath, the seventh and last act of the seven sins collection. On October 26th comes the part of the paid content, which will take you to a night version of Dartmoor. In it you will have to kill a certain number of enemies in a “strategic but intense” combat. Three levels complete an escalation contract that will earn you numerous rewards.

Until next November 22 we can expect the arrival of a multitude of elements, such as the fleece survival suit, the professional screwdriver, the elusive objective ‘The fugitive’ and much more. Additionally, players of Hitman 3 or the free starter pack will be able to play in Hokkaido for free. between November 4 and 14. All the progress you make will be saved in your profile.

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