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Hoda Kotb Departs 'Today in New York' for New Exciting Venture

Hoda Kotb Departs ‘Today in New York’ for New Exciting Venture

Hoda Kotb got fans talking when she revealed a big career opportunity which had her jumping for joy.

The Today anchor could hardly contain herself as she teased her new venture on Instagram with a snapshot of a flight tracker and the caption: “Landed! Do you know where I am?”

Her social media followers flooded her with comments as they tried to work out what she was up to.

But they didn’t have to wait long because a few hours later, she shared videos and snapshots with the US gymnastics squad — including Simone Biles — who were at the Olympic trials in Minnesota.

She was there for an exclusive interview with the team which will air on Monday, July 1.

It turned out to be an epic affair as the young athletes qualified for the Paris Olympics.

Simone, Sunisa Lee, Jordan Chiles and Jade Carey qualified and the spot for the rookie went to 16-year-old Hezly Rivera, who only qualified as a senior this year.

Hoda was full of enthusiasm in the videos she posted in which she met Simone’s family who were there cheering her on and she embraced the gymnasts ahead of their interview.

Hoda can’t wait for the sporting event and the Today team have been counting down the days until the Olympics begin in July.

They had a huge party on the Plaza in April to mark 100 days until it begins.

Hoda and Savannah Guthrie will head to Europe to report on the Games this summer as they did for Tokyo and Beijing previously during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They pair opened up about Hoda’s passion for the US gymnastics team during a joint appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

“Ya’ll, we are going to dominate gymnastics,” Hoda said, before adding: “This is going to be Simone’s chapter.”

Savannah then added: “You know, Hoda is like the unofficial den mother of USA Gymnastics. She cheers for them so hard.

Speaking of Tokyo, during the pandemic, where we weren’t allowed to really even look at each other, Hoda was like, ‘Well their families aren’t here and someone’s going to give them a hug’ and the Japanese government was like ‘Tell that woman to stop hugging the athletes.’ It was like an international incident.”

Hoda confirmed: “I almost got in trouble big time, big time.”

The gymnastics events in Paris start on July 27 and finished on August 5.

Source: HELLO! Magazine