“Hollywood Actress’ Electric Encounter with Bizarrap Sets Social Media Ablaze”

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Bizarrap shared a night with a celebrity and the networks exploded

Two celebrities met in Madrid and the fans went crazy. In recent years, Bizarrap has unquestionably become one of the most internationally recognized and respected artists.

The “BZRP Music Session #53” that he did with Shakira went around the world and broke several Guinness records. The popularity of the Argentine was on the rise and precisely one of the most acclaimed actresses in Hollywood declared herself a fan of him. Who? Nothing more and nothing less than Penelope Cruz.

They both met in Spain and she did not hesitate to show the photos of the meeting on her networks.

Bizarrap announced its Music Session #56 with Rauw Alejandro: when can it be heard

The 24-year-old producer does not stop and fully lives the success of he. Recently, he premiered his “BZRP Music Session #56” with Rauw Alejandro and is now in Spain to participate in El Hormiguero, one of the most watched programs on Spanish television, which is broadcast on Antena 3, where he had a one-on-one with Pablo Motos.

But, in addition to that, he had the opportunity to share an evening with an international star, none other than the star of Parallel Mothers, Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Pirates of the Caribbean: Sailing in Mysterious Waters, among other films.

Penélope Cruz and Bizarrap met in Madrid

Through a post on her Instagram account, the Spanish actress shared the emotion that meeting the musician produced in her and they even made a small – and fun – Photoshoot. They posed together with total black looks: he with a T-shirt, short sleeves and she with a leather jacket and arms crossed. The detail? Both wore peaked caps embroidered with “BZRP.” The meeting place was a Madrid terrace.

Penelope Cruz confirmed that she is a fan of Biza

Penélope Cruz and Bizarrap did a fun photo session in Spain

The post ended with a selfie of both with black glasses and Cruz, in “fan mode”, wrote on his Instagram: “Dale Biza, exploit the track for me”, a phrase that is part of the “BZRP Music Session #51”, that the Argentine did with Villano Antillano.

Bizarrap, in Therefore, he was also happy with the meeting: “How nice to meet you P”. Fans were excited by the unexpected crossover and while Penelope Cruz is unlikely to star in the upcoming Music Session, that didn’t stop them from dreaming.

“Penelope Cruz uploads a photo with Biza, she uploads a photo with him. Do you understand that?”; “Epic cross”; “How strong it is to see this. This skinny is on another level, posta!”; “New featuring” and “Argentina at home” were some of the comments left by users in the publication.

Bizarrap premiered its latest musical project on June 21, “BZRP Music Session #56”, which in a mere matter of days already had almost 20 million views on YouTube. The protagonist was Rauw Alejandro, with whom Shakira performed “Te Felicito”. The new hit caused a furor and several listened sharply to realize a detail in the lyrics. What was it about? With a nod to Rosalía.

Bizarrap announced who will accompany him in Session #54 and turned Nicolás Otamendi viral due to an unusual confusion. sentimental for three years: “God bless her, she’s in another league / If you’re upset, I’ll give you a rehab / to give you figa”, is heard in another fragment of the expected collaboration. Thus, Alejandro mentioned one of the hits of the Spanish singer, “Despechá”, which he released in 2022.

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