Honest and Emotional: Shakira Opens Up in Exclusive Interview

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Shakira Shines with her Latest Musical Release

He is happy and exultant. Shakira shines with her own light and each step she takes generates a huge expectation, something that she has shown once again with her latest musical release with Manuel Turizo, Copa vacía.

A Successful Release After Acrostic

A new single that comes after the success of Acrostic and that adds to her long list of hits in whose video clip she becomes a seductive mermaid leading a story of heartbreak.

An Exclusive Interview about Her Life and Career

Precisely for the promotion of the song, the artist from Barranquilla has granted an exclusive interview in which she has opened up about her professional facet, her more supportive side, her plans for the future and the new life she has begun in Miami with their children, Milan, 11, and Sasha, 9.

Meet Alejandra Espinoza, the Presenter Who Got the Interview

Shakira has received the Mexican presenter Alejandra Espinoza in Paris, where they shared a relaxed face-to-face chat inside a hotel room.

Shakira’s Latest Achievements

In the interview, Shakira expressed her joy for her latest achievements, including being invited to shows at Haute Couture Week in Paris, winning the Woman of the Year 2023 award, and having two songs on the most listened to Latin music list this year.

Shakira’s Aspirations for the Future

Despite the challenges she has faced, Shakira remains focused on her aspirations. She shared her dream of building more schools and promoting equal opportunities for young people through her organization, the Barefoot Feet Foundation.

Shakira’s Impact as an Icon

Shakira recognizes the responsibility of being a reference and an icon for millions of people, stating that it is something she cannot escape. She believes that anyone in the public eye has an influence on others and must be careful with their actions and words.

Shakira as a Luxury Guest in Exclusive ‘Front Rows’

Shakira gives a twist to her style as a luxury guest in the most exclusive ‘front rows’ at fashion events.

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