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Honest Thief, Overdrive and Paramount + premieres for October 2021!


New content! Movies, reality shows, series and more. Everything new coming to Paramount + to wow audiences.

Paramount + premieres.


© Paramount+.Paramount + premieres.

Paramount+ receive October with many premieres for which you must be prepared. We have the dates on which these new contents will arrive on the platform with long-awaited shows such as reality shows River shore and Being Pampita, the program that follows the life and day-to-day of the Argentine model. Another figure that will be the center of attention in the service’s catalog? Madame X is the documentary film about an iconic show by Madonna. Safety pin!

The streaming services battle is at an all-time high. There are many options for an audience that must be seduced by heterogeneous catalogs that can satisfy the demand of an entire home. The premieres it presents Paramount+ in October they take into account different types of public and that is a plus. Get ready to know what’s new on the platform!

+ Paramount + premieres for October 2021


– Honest Thief | October 1

Hoping to settle, a professional bank robber agrees to return all the money he stole in exchange for a reduced sentence; But when two FBI agents falsely accuse him of murder, he must flee, clear his name, and bring them to justice. Starring the renowned Liam Neeson (Taken), the model and actress Kate Walsh (Grays Anatomy) and the actor Jai Courtney (Terminator Genesis).

– Overdrive | October 1st

A famous crime boss forces two legendary car thieves to steal a vehicle to regain their freedom. Together with two beautiful women, the team has a week to carry out the daring heist or risk losing everything, including their lives. Starring Scott Eastwood (Pacific Rim: Uprising), Ana de Armas (Blade Runner 2049) and Gaia Weiss (Vikings).

– Madame x | October 8th

Filmed in Lisbon, Portugal, the film captures the exceptional and enthusiastic performance of the pop icon Madonna’s tour. Designed exclusively for streaming, this film is an unprecedented intimate experience that will take viewers on a journey as compelling and daring as Madonna’s intrepid personality. Madame X, a secret agent who travels around the world, changes her identity, fights for freedom and brings light to dark places. Directed by Nuno Xico.


– Rooms for Rent | October 7

Anyone would say that after so many episodes, the inhabitants of Cilantro 18 would have already learned to live in harmony. But harmony is a word that nobody knows in that house. This season, the situation could not be more chaotic: the family is enlarged thanks to Bobby, Mamanacha and Megan’s relationship falls into trouble, Shantalle is possessed and the only solution is an exorcism and… Pepenacho comes out of the closet?

– Being Pampita | October 13

A reality show about the professional and personal life of the iconic Argentine star “Pampita”, Carolina Ardohain.

– Guilty Party | October 14th

Guilty Party stars Kate Beckinsale as Beth Baker, a discredited journalist desperate to save her career who clings to the story of a young mother sentenced to life in prison for mutilating and murdering her husband, crimes she claims not to have committed. Trying to uncover the truth, Beth finds herself in trouble as she struggles with Colorado gun smugglers, clickbait culture, marriage stagnation, and her own dark past.

– Star Trek Lower Decks | 27 de octubre

The second season of Star Trek: Lower Decks is bigger, funnier, and Star Trekkier than ever. Fans can look forward to strange new (and familiar) aliens to challenge the crews of the USS Cerritos and USS Titan. For Mariner, Tendi, Rutherford and Boimler. The animated adventure is just beginning.

– The Bite | 30th of October

The Bite follows the lives of two neighbors, Rachel and Lily, as they embark on unprecedented times when a deadly new strain of a virus arrives. Navigating the new normal in New York City, Rachel works from home juggling her telemedicine clients and a shaky marriage with her husband. Lily is upstairs trying to convince her Wall Street clientele that her skill set is still as valuable through a screen as it was in person.


– Santiago of the Seas | October 1st

Santiago of the Seas is an interactive action-adventure series for preschoolers. Follow Santiago Montes, an 8-year-old island boy who unearths the mystical compass of the legendary pirate Captain Calavera, the good pirate of the high seas. With a compass in hand and the help of his best friends, cousin Tomás, Lorelai the mermaid and his pet frog Kiko, Santiago embarks on heroic missions on Calavera’s pirate ship, El Bravo.

– Drama Club | October 8th

In this new series called “Drama Club” we will see a mockumentary-style comedy about the inner workings of a high school drama club.

– Club 57 | October 23

Brothers Eva and Ruben accidentally time travel to 1957. Eva falls in love with JJ and decides to stay, but her decision triggers a life-changing butterfly effect.

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