Hong Kong will impose bracelets for covid positive isolated in homes

Hong Kong will establish a surveillance system based on a bracelet to control the movements of those infected by covid who have to remain in their homes, reports today the local newspaper South China Morning Post.

The plan, unveiled Monday by the former British colony’s new health secretary, Lo Chung-Mau, will require patients who receive permission to self-isolate at home rather than in government quarantine centers to wear an electronic bracelet that will monitor their movements.

“We all agree that those who have covid should not go out and harm the rest of the population,” Lo said.

The territory follows a zero-tolerance policy against the coronavirus similar to that in force in mainland China and includes the isolation of all those infected in specialized facilities or homes.

However, experts quoted by the newspaper sow doubts about the suitability of these devices: “How will the elderly who cannot leave their homes buy groceries for several days? What will happen when heads of households can’t go to work and their employment doesn’t allow them to work from home?” asks Dr. Joseph Tsang of the Hong Kong Medical Association.

The bracelet will collect information about the location of those who wear it through Bluetooth signals, wireless networks or GPS.

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