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Horacio Pancheri talks about his courtship with Marimar Vega

In the midst of your professional success, Horacio Pancheri has a personal reason to be happy, as it has been more than a year since he started writing the pages of their romance with Marimar Vega, a woman whom he has described with the most beautiful words, during a recent interview in which he did not hesitate to reiterate the great affection he has for the beautiful actress. Like few times, the Argentine opened his heart around this issue, revealing how the support of his beloved girlfriend has allowed him to improve in various aspects, something that has been given to each other, and that has also allowed them to consolidate a relationship in which stability and complicity prevail.

Proud of what he feels for Marimar, the gallant gave his opinion without further ado about the importance of sharing every moment of his life with the interpreter, whom he admires not only for her external beauty, but also for the essence that makes up her personality. “She is a beautiful woman, physically, inside she is an angel and I don’t know what I would do without her, the truth is that she supports me, guides me, I learn a lot from her advice …”, He said excitedly for the microphones of Televisa Shows, a space in which he highlighted how much they have both been able to achieve throughout this time, in which their courtship has also had a remarkable evolution. “As a couple we grew a lot …”, he added.

In a moment of the talk, Horacio revealed how he and Marimar have combined their lives these months, even having the fortune of being able to occasionally live outside of Mexico, something that has been very new for him. “We are between Mexico and Los Angeles because here in Mexico I have my job, my house… it is a new experience, I had never lived in Los Angeles and we love it, both María and I love living there, so we are opening doors in Another market, in another country, we are very happy to be there, calm down… ”, said the Argentine, who occasionally publishes photographs with the actress on his social networks.

The memory of your escape to paradise

In addition to their love for the stage, Horacio and Marimar have another point in common, since both are passionate about travel, so these months, -and with all the necessary precautionary measures-, they made another of their dreams come true, to enjoy from a trip to French Polynesia, where the actress celebrated her 37th birthday, this last August. “We took the tests, we came out negative and traveled, so it was incredible, heavenly, we spent his birthday, we had fun, we swam … we loved it, hopefully we can come back because we loved it …”, said the actor to Televisa Shows.

Horacio also spoke about what he wants for this year that he has started, in which he hopes to be able to stay closer to his son Benicio, whom due to the prevailing health circumstances, -as well as his work schedule-, he has not been able to see as much as he wanted, although he acknowledges that thanks to technology they always keep in touch. “Trying to see my son a little more because this year I did not see him with the issue that Argentina was closed and I had work, I had to stay …”, he said before saying goodbye, but not before emphasizing another of his important purposes. “Being with the family, building my relationship with María stronger …”, He assured in an instant of the revealing talk in which he was seen as most enthusiastic and willing to continue taking firm steps as he has done so far.

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