Horizon Forbbiden West teaches spectacular combat with the robotic snake

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Slitherfang (something like “sliding tusk”). That is the name of the fearsome robotic snake that we have seen in the latest Horizon Forbbiden West trailers and that, now, thanks to an article by Game Informer, we can already know in depth. The game developer, Guerrilla Games, has shared through said publication a new video of this powerful enemy who is defined as “one of the most awesome new machines in the entire game”.

Their attacks and weak points

This robotic snake is a mix of rattlesnake and cobra and will be one of the fearsome final bosses who will have to face Aloy during the adventure. And yes, it is as deadly as its appearance implies. First of all, Slitherfang can fire bursts of acid pressurized that are generated in the tank located at the base of its throat. A tank that, as you may have guessed, we will have to neutralize as soon as possible with our arrows.

But acid is not the only weapon he has, who also shoots electric rays from the tail, always preceded by that characteristic rattle noise typical of rattlesnakes. Now, if you can separate the tail from the rest of the body, Aloy can use it as a weapon and give Slitherfang a taste of his own medicine. You may think that then the battle is already won, but far from it. The chief will then pull a few sonic pulses that come out of her neck and deafen our protagonist, which slows down her movements and prevents her from attacking for a few seconds, leaving her totally exposed.

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As if that were not enough, to all this we should add the teeth of its fangs, the slapping of his tail and the agility of our rival. The snake will not stop moving across the stage, enrollándose here and there looking for a vantage point from which to jump on us. Its speed and adaptability will mean that we cannot hide and that we must this in continuous movement. It’s a matter of being patient, gradually disabling your ranged attacks and using firearms, ice and plasma and then knock it down and give it the final blow.

When can we fight?

The next February 18, 2022, date that Horizon Forbbiden West goes on sale for PS4 and PS5. It is called to be one of the great Sony launches for the coming year and aspires to surpass the marks (a 9.2 in the MeriStation analysis) that the original received, Horizon Zero Dawn (which, by the way, you have in the PS Store with a special christmas price). In addition to the fight with Slitherfang, in the last few days we have known more game informationLike its new shelter system, for example, or the space it will occupy on our console and its appearance on PS4, truly luxurious despite the obvious advantages of the new generation.


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