Horizon Forbidden West details the machines: more and better

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With a few months left until Horizon Forbidden West rolls out its post-apocalyptic world on PS4 and PS5, so Guerrilla Games has put its informational machine in motion. Through a new entry on the official PlayStation blog, the Amsterdam studio has brought unpublished details about the video game, this time focused on machines, the mechanical beasts that populate this alternative America. In addition to new specimens, Guerrilla has improved its behavior, among other novelties.

“The idea was to explore a new region in the world of Horizon,” explains Blake Politeski, lead designer of the machines. “It has been very interesting investigate what kinds of machines would inhabit different ecological zones and how they would interact with each other, with their environment and, of course, with humans. The machines take care of the world, so it has always been interesting to assess the role they play and what the player can do to take advantage of their behavior ”.

Not all the ideas they had in Horizon Zero Dawn could be implemented, but the possibility of developing a sequel has opened the doors for this to be a possibility. Maxim Fleury, head of art resources, adds Blake’s team provided them with a document with designs that describe the behavior of these creatures. “There was high quality drawings that explained the document better, but the actual visual design falls on the robot and weapon resource team. “

A step up from Horizon Zero Dawn

According to Politeski, more than 25 machines from the first game have served to build the base: “We wanted a flying machine somewhat bigger than the Raptor: the Alasol. However, he needed a place to live and a role to play in the world. We studied various flying reptiles and primitive birds for inspiration, and it occurred to us that their wings collect solar energy on sunny days. ” These monsters are weak when harvesting solar energy, but are on the alert when they are at rest.

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In Horizon Forbidden West, you will have to study your enemies carefully. The machines have weapons and behaviors that can be use for Aloy’s benefit, but it is no longer enough to extract components and use them. “Some machines could have other passive states while the player tries to sneak up on them. For example, if a machine is searching for resources on the ground, it will raise a cloud of dust that Aloy can use to get closer without being seen. These beasts have greater freedom: they jump, swim, cling to surfaces, etc.

An interesting aspect is that you can use the sound to predict behaviors of the creatures. “A machine will emit specific and distinct sounds when it is stopped, in a state of alert or when it is going to initiate an attack. On the PlayStation 5 version, sounds will be even clearer thanks to 3D audio, and when combined with compatible devices, such as stereo headphones (analog or with USB connection), gamers will enjoy a completely immersive gaming experience. ”.

Sabotaging machines will also be a possibility, so we can use them to attack or as mounts. Also, now they help us find resources. In the words of Blake Politeski: “There are more machines that help Aloy indirectly. For example, if someone is looking for certain resources and Aloy as well, they can reveal the stash location if you pay attention. Furthermore, by sabotaging them, Aloy exercises some control over the behavior of the machines and can transform them into offensive or defensive forces ”.

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Horizon Forbidden West will be marketed on 18th of February on PS4 and PS5.

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