Horizon Forbidden West: Guerrilla reveals first images on PS4

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Horizon Forbidden West reveals the first images of the version for PlayStation 4. Aloy’s New Adventure He has already shared with fans what graphic quality they can expect from the past generation. In a brief tweet, those responsible point to the graphic muscle that it will show among those who have not yet been able to make the leap to PS5.

“We’ve shown a lot of Horizon Forbidden West footage on PS5, but the game looks – and plays – great on PlayStation 4,” point from Guerrilla. If you enlarge the images you can see the sacrifices it has received compared to the new generation version. Resolution, reflections and effects are the main elements that suffer.

How has the open world improved in Horizon Forbidden West?

Those responsible have influenced the open world improvements as one of the pillars that consolidate the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. Espen Sogn, world designer at Guerrilla, explained that “everything has a purpose” inside Forbidden West. “When you travel the Forbidden West, nothing can be out of place. The Guerrilla Living Worlds team works on those aspects that make the game world full of authenticity and life: the tribes, the settlements and their inhabitants, ”it said.

One of the first destinations Aloy will travel to is Cadena Chirriante, one of the Oseram posts on the border. “It is full of natural resources and opportunities for adventure and danger. Those who stay there do so for various reasons: to escape the problems of the Conquest, to earn some quick shards, to fulfill their dreams or for the mere thrill of exploring. This busy stall includes a bar where Aloy can meet new and interesting characters”, He concluded.

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Remember that Horizon Forbidden West is scheduled to launch on PS5 and PS4 next February 18, 2022.

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