Horizon Forbidden West shows off its new robotic beasts in incredible trailer

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Horizon Forbidden West, the new and long-awaited video game of Guerrilla Games and direct sequel to the first Horizon Zero Dawn, share a fresh look at their wild world through a new trailer dedicated to some of the new robotic beasts which Aloy will face. This is how PlayStation has shared it through its official blog, publishing a couple of new images and the aforementioned trailer titled Machines of the Forbidden West that you can see heading this news.

New machines: Rodador, Alasol and Reptívora

Thus, this new look shows us the new machines that we can find in the Forbidden West of Aloy’s new adventure. They are about Wheeler, the Alasol and the Reptive, each one more colossal and imposing. Guerrilla delves into the tough Roller, the graceful Sunwing, the Acid Spit Reptivore, and more. Some safeguard the natural order, while others are only designed to kill. And what is worse: the power to control them has fallen into the wrong hands … ”, he explains Ben McCaw, Narrative Director of Guerrilla Games.

And it is that apparently, many of these wild beasts have no other function than to take care of the natural environment, although many others will demonstrate a determined bloodlust at the slightest hint of threat. In this sense, the Reptive, a kind of large snake that moves at high speeds through the sand and is capable of reaching high areas with unusual ease, uncovers itself as one of the most dangerous machines … Of those that we know at the moment.

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And it is that those responsible ensure that this is just the beginning and that we will have to wait to enjoy the final version of Horizon Forbidden West to discover all its secrets, all from the next February 18, 2022.

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