Horizon Zero Dawn changed its logo in 2020 to suit the sequel

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Aloy’s return will take longer than originally planned. Although Guerrilla Games had planned to launch Horizon Forbidden West in 2021, the studio announced during the Gamescom 2021 Opening Night Live gala a delay of a few months, until February 18. To liven up the wait, the Dutch developer has recently updated Horizon Zero Dawn, with the aim of making it work at 60 FPS on PS5. Meanwhile, a Twitter user (Adam Novice) has noticed another change, the logo.

With the arrival of the sequel, Guerrilla has modified the logo of the original, in a way that is closer to the style of the second installment. Now, in the central part, just above the words Zero Dawn, you can see that a “1” has been placed. The same goes for the one in Forbidden West, in that case with a “2” under Horizon. A curiosity, without a doubt, that serves to unify the saga under the same umbrella.

The change is not recent, it occurred in 2020

In the responses to the tweet, other users comment that the change was reflected long ago, since last June 2020, just when Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition was announced for Steam. “It has literally been like this since PAST June.”says another user, referring to that month, but last year.

Horizon Forbidden West is a direct sequel to the original, which means we’ll be back in Aloy’s shoes. The heroine, once a social outcast, has carved her way into a mundo postapocalíptico where technology is a relic of the past. After the rebellion of the machines, humans returned to a tribal lifestyle. Mechanical beings roam the world at ease, and although not all are hostile, most of them attack ferociously as soon as they glimpse their victim.

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Source | Adam Novice (Twitter)


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