Horror in Venezuela: police officers were recorded when they executed a person

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Two agents of the Bolivarian National Police of Venezuela were arrested and six others are wanted for their alleged link to the eextrajudicial execution of a young man, which was filmed and disseminated on social networks.

“The Public Ministry of Venezuela requested and was agreed upon a arrest warrant against PNB-Miranda officials: Willians Ortega, Félix Villanueva, Chacón, Jean Carlos; Ibarra, Joswual; Maldonado, Robert; and Díaz, José: participants from the extrajudicial execution of Dimilson Guzmán Santaella”Wrote prosecutor Tarek Saab on Twitter.

And he added: “Likewise, due to this unfortunate homicide, the arrest warrants were granted against two other officials of the PNB-Miranda: Freites Martínez César and Yuster, David Cedeño López.”

The Bolivarian National Police is the main civil security force in the country and responds to the Government of Nicolás Maduro. Saab confirmed that the arrests were ordered after the broadcast of the video, recorded from inside the house and apparently without the knowledge of the agents. He did not give more details, such as the exact place of the event or the age of the victim.

The two policemen arrested They were charged with “qualified homicide”. “The Public Ministry under our management will # PERSECUTE AND # SANCTION IN AN EXEMPLARY WAY any action that violates Human Rights,” reiterated Saab.

Venezuela: 12,000 violent deaths per year and 825 extrajudicial executions in 6 months

With 12,000 violent deaths a yearAccording to the NGO Observatorio Venezolano de la Violencia, Venezuela is one of the most dangerous countries in the world, especially with the phenomenon of “mega gangs”, made up of 150, 300 or more criminals who roam freely throughout the country and especially in popular neighborhoods.

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NGOs have regularly denounced violent actions, executions and lack of discernment of the forces of order before this criminality.

According to the NGO Lupa por la Vida, In the first semester of this year, 825 extrajudicial executions were registered in Venezuela by the Army and the Bolivarian National Police that responds to Nicolás Maduro.

The figure reflects “the high level of police lethality in the country, the exceptional non-use of force and under the principles of differentiated and progressive use and indicates the absence of a citizen security policy aimed at preserving life and causing the least possible physical damage ”, they denounced.

Venezuela, governed by Maduro since 2013, lives a social and economic debacle which, according to the latest UN update, has in recent years forced the 6 million people leave the country.

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