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Horror Tales: The Wine Announced, Carlos Coronado’s New Horror FPS; date and trailer

Carlos Coronado has presented Horror Tales: The Wine, your new project. The Catalan author, author of works such as Warcelona, ​​MIND: Path to Thalamus, Koral and INFERNIUM, now presents this first person survival horror where we will be plunged into a fictional Mediterranean island where the pandemic has left everything absolutely desolate. This comes summer 2021 to all platforms.

As the author explains in the communication sent to the media: “The player will enter an apparently abandoned city and will fight to find a bottle of Banydebosc wine to cure the Devil’s Fevers to their loved ones. However, there is one element to consider in this equation, and that is that your nemesis is hunting you. As we see in the presentation trailer, Horror Tales: The Wine He wants us to explore, investigate, and not be fooled by the apparent gentle sea breeze.

What awaits us in Horror Tales: The Wine; available this summer

Horror Tales: The Wine is actually the first installment in a series of three unique adventures. The objective of this first one is to offer an experimental gameplay.

The setting is clearly Mediterranean, but the reality is much harsher in this abandoned capital of the archipelago where the expertise takes place. This pandemic, Devil’s Fevers, left the city completely deserted; to the point that now only nightmares inhabit it.

One of the key points of the gameplay of Horror Tales: The Wine is that we have a nemesis lurking. Constantly. Said creature is obsessed with us, but why? We also have puzzles, riddles and other puzzles that make the game plane a vertical and complex, interconnected scenario. We will have to be fast, since there will be puzzles that we must solve while they chase us.

The development team does not want to forget about accessibility options. As explained, we will have more than 20 configuration options to adapt the experience to our convenience; also a photo mode, for lovers of photography and immortalize precious moments.

Horror Tales: The Wine It will be released in summer 2021 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and PC consoles. The Sony and Microsoft console versions are provided by Jandusoft.

More information | Steam; Carlos Coronado


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