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HOTD Season 2 May Reveal Origins of Daenerys' Dragons

HOTD Season 2 May Reveal Origins of Daenerys’ Dragons

Nobody expected “House of the Dragon” creator Ryan Condal and his writing team to halt the show every time they drew parallels with the original “Game of Thrones.” However, episode 3 seemed almost as if they were doing just that. To ease Rhaena’s understandable reluctance about looking after her young relatives on a seemingly thankless mission far from the thrills of war, Rhaenyra decides to send a quartet of dragon eggs. This act serves both as a gesture of trust and a pragmatic move. If Team Black were ever forced to leave their island stronghold or even lose the war to Team Green, Rhaena could ensure some future hope with these dragon eggs.

Initially, the eggs are meant for the mountain fortress of the Eyrie, but Rhaenyra instructs Rhaena to take the children across the Narrow Sea to Pentos, a place Rhaena is familiar with from her time with her parents Daemon and Laena in season 1.

Coincidentally, this aligns perfectly with how Daenerys first receives her dragon eggs in season 1 of “Game of Thrones.” Living as a refugee with her ineffectual brother Viserys, they become the guests of a wealthy magistrate in Pentos. When Daenerys is forced to marry Khal Drago, she is gifted three fossilized dragon eggs. The colors of these eggs match well with those seen in “House of the Dragon.” These very eggs eventually hatch, giving Daenerys the power she needs to conquer Westeros. It seems that seeds were sown centuries before these events unfolded.

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