How a Disneyland Pool Attendant Makes $22 an Hour

The Disneyland Resort in California has announced a job opening for pool attendants. This opportunity allows for a salary of $22.75 per hour, and full-time or part-time positions are available. Working an eight-hour shift, employees can earn up to $517.56, equivalent to 9,833 Mexican pesos.

The job requires applicants to work any day of the week, as the Disney resort in Anaheim operates all 365 days of the year. The primary task for this position is to improve the experience of visitors who utilize the pool areas. In addition to that, applicants should expect to:

– Respond appropriately to emergencies or hotel security situations
– Greet guests with a smile, make eye contact, and speak in a friendly manner
– Follow a checklist and maintain the pool area, including aligning chairs and filling the water station
– Confirm reservations and offer towels to tourists
– Answer basic guest questions about the property and attend to simple requests
– Keep the fitness center clean and organized
– Have excellent communication skills and be good at problem-solving

To increase the chances of obtaining the job, applicants should have at least a year of experience in customer service. Disneyland Resort requires those interested in the position to complete the entire selection process on the website.

This job opportunity provides a means for people to earn a good income while working in a fun and exciting environment. The Disneyland Resort is an excellent place to work for those who are friendly, outgoing, personable, and willing to give their best to create memorable experiences for guests. Apply today to become a member of the Disneyland family!

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