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How a Strategic Plan Could Bring Leo Messi Back to Barcelona

The President of LaLiga Talks About Messi’s Future

The president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, spoke about the possibility of Barcelona signing Lionel Messi in the future. According to Tebas, financial fair play would currently prevent Barcelona from signing Messi. However, he expressed his wish for Barcelona to make “the necessary movements of economic control” to bring Messi to the team.

“Not today (could be registered in LaLiga), but there is a lot of time left. We are awaiting a feasibility plan (which Barça is going to present to LaLiga), it can sell players… But today, it is difficult,” said Tebas.

Tebas is a Fan of Messi

Tebas also revealed his admiration for Messi, stating that he thinks Messi is the best player in the world. He hopes that Messi can join LaLiga in the future, but he would not change any financial control regulation approved by the clubs to make it happen.

“I’m a fan of Leo Messi and I think he’s the best in the world. I hope it does, but we are not going to change any financial control regulation approved by the clubs so that Leo Messi can enter,” he pointed out.

Barcelona’s Plan to Recover Messi

According to the Barcelona newspaper Mundo Deportivo, Barcelona has a “firm intention of recovering Leo Messi as the great signing for next season.” Tebas acknowledged that it would be difficult for Barcelona to bring Messi back, but he believes that they have the capacity to do so.

“Barça has the possibility of making movements so that Leo Messi enters, they are quite complicated, but I think they have the capacity to be able to do so, and I hope they succeed because it would be our wish that Messi returns to our competition,” he concluded.


Although it would be difficult for Barcelona to sign Lionel Messi, the president of LaLiga hopes that the team can make it happen. He maintains his admiration for Messi and his belief that the player is the best in the world. Barcelona has a “firm intention” of bringing Messi back, and if they can make the necessary economic movements, it could become a reality.

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