How Advancement in Grow Technology is helping the Cannabis Industry?

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The global cannabis industry is growing at a very rapid rate. Currently, green is the new gold for investors and entrepreneurs.

Based on a report published in 2020, the Marijuana Business Factbook projection shows about a 40% increase in last year’s cannabis sales. The Factbook also pointed out that the sale for both medical and recreational cannabis could up to $37 billion by 2024 in the US.

Due to the increasing value of marijuana, many investors and entrepreneurs are showing interest in this industry. However, they are not investing in the best seed banks in the world. Instead, they have turned their attention to grow technology. They want to bring advancement in grow technology to benefit the cannabis industry.

Mass-Market Possibilities

The value of innovative grow technology is based on the growth of the cannabis industry. Experts have recognized the importance of grow technology, such as automatic planters. But at the same time, they also believe that the highest quality crops still need elements of hands-on cultivation.

However, technology can play a great role and help the industry grow double. Grow technology has the potential to help in the mass production of marijuana. This could be great for plants intended for medical use.

Grow Technology We Know Of

In this section, we will discuss some of the grow technologies that are designed to benefit the cannabis industry. This tech is used at both home-grow and commercial levels.

  • Grow Lights

Grow lights such as LED fixtures have existed for many years. Since light is important in the production of healthy crops, it has led the growers to use artificial light to create the perfect environment for their plants. This has been made possible due to innovations in grow technology.

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Modern LED fixtures come with more features than ever before. Light-sensing equipment set routines and provides coordinated output, while programmable settings allow you to simulate light. Some LED fixtures may also have Wi-Fi capability and application programming interface (API. This allows growers to control their technology from their mobile phones.

  • CO2 Enrichment

CO2 Enrichment is used to check the level of carbon dioxide in the grow room to help the plants grow faster. Not just that, but it also helps plants to produce better and bigger crops.

CO2 enrichment may be associated with large-scale commercial grows, but it is not limited to them. It can also be implemented safely in a home setting, provided that you follow all the safety rules.

  • Electricity Storage

When it comes to creating the perfect light environment for indoor plants, it raises your electricity costs. But with electricity storage technology, you can store electricity, which in turn can help you bring down that cost. 

As a grower, you can purchase electricity during off-peak times. You can use the stored electricity to power your LED fixtures, and other grow technology whenever needed.

No doubt grow technology has a crucial role to play in advancing the cannabis industry. It may not be able to replicate the goodness of human touch, but it can surely get closer.

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  1. This is awesome! I have been growing for about 9 years now (in the legalized American city), and I have seen the changes happening in this industry. My yield has more than doubled by using the new technologies like lights, warming of the grow room during winters and advanced seeds. There is so much more room for innovation and I am excited about what is to come!