How are the action scenes for The Mercenaries 4 being shot? Jason Statham shows it in a new video

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¡Jason Statham is completely unchained with The Expendables 4! Now what Sylvester Stallone has been in the background after announcing his withdrawal from the mercenaries after this movie, Statham has to “pull the wagon” both in real life and in the movie through his character Lee Christmas, who will lead the group of mercenaries.

Not 24 hours after sharing a images with actor Iko Uwais (movie villain) and a message of affection for his partner, Statham posts a new video showing how they are shooting a series of action scenes in what looks like the command post of a ship.

The actor seems to be very into the project and his character, and the filming set shows a intense and fun work environment. Statham not only appears filming some scenes, but also speaking with members of the crew and seeing how other scenes are filmed. Iko Uwais (who has reposted the video on his account) also appears as the opponent of Statham’s fights.

While Lee Christmas continues to bet on knives for close combat, the villain has two extendable batons. “It’s one thing to be good friends with a fellow actor on set. Another thing if the fellow actor is a true gentleman whom you admire and have so much respect from day one. Thanks for having me @jasonstatham.”, Uwais said in his last post.

Los Mercenarios 4 does not yet have a release date.

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