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how Daniel Radcliffe got the part

The dream of every child raised on the books of Harry Potter who wrote JK Rowling it was to be able to step on Hogwarts and become a real magician. Therefore, for actors like Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma watson, having been chosen for the production of Warner Bros. Pictures to give life to the trio of main protagonists of the saga marked a before and after in their careers. The funny thing is that not all of them were on the list of candidates for the film.

Rupert Grint knew how to tell that, to be chosen as Ron Weasley, had no better idea than to audition with a rap written by himself. In case of Daniel Radcliffe, with whom he later went on to work for more than a decade in a row, it was completely different. The boy who gave life to Harry Potter It was not on the list of small actors who were present at the casting.

As explained from Los Angeles Times, Radcliffe He was discovered in a strange situation, in a London theater. The producer David Heyman and the scriptwriter Steve Kloves they went to see a play in the summer of 2000 and came across a little boy who had all the conditions to be the new Harry Potter. What is striking is that this child was not even on stage.

Yes, Daniel Radcliffe I was one of the spectators when Heyman and Kloves they distinguished it from the public. The filmmakers reported that they noticed in Daniel what was it “Curious, fun and energetic”, as well as they also detected that it was “Hungry to know”. It took them months to find the whereabouts of this potential little artist, who went on to become a world-renowned figure.

How the actors reacted when they arrived at Hogwarts

It is clear that for every child who has imagined Hogwarts and then I have seen it recreated in the movies of Warner Bros. Pictures, stepping on that world would have meant pure emotion. For the three main actors of Harry Potter It was like this. The art director of the first two tapes, Peter Francis, spoke with Look who i found about this situation.

Much of the universe of Hogwarts it was recreated in a practical way and, unlike more current productions, CGI was not used as much. However, for Watson, Grint, Radcliffe and all the artists involved in the feature film, this was not a problem. “None of them went to their heads. All the actors were very focused, something incredible being children “, highlighted in the talk where he said that at the beginning, for the workers of the set it was incredible to enter that world but then, with the passage of time, they got used to it.

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