How Did Dora the Explorer Die?

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No child has ever said no to watching their favorite cartoons. Currently, kids are obsessed with Dora, the Explorer. The show has been a part of the childhood memories of many people. The makers released its first episode on the 14th of August, and the show aired until 2019 on Nickelodeon.

Dora the Explorer features the adventures of a young Dora, her monkey Boots, Backpack, and other animated friends. In each episode, she goes on an adventure in an animated world set inside the computer. Dora then seeks her viewers’ help in solving the puzzles and mysteries she witnesses in every episode.

Dora the Explorer is a combination of sweetness and light, not gloominess and dark. But as social media is an immensely weird place, it has the power to turn even the lightest of things into the darkest of theories. One theory revolving around social media these days is related to Dora’s death.

Dora’s Death has been Trending on TikTok

The fictional character’s death has been in news everywhere on the internet. So, how did it all start, and how did Dora die? We have busted the theories. The TikTok material video has its first-half showing her lip-syncing to background music. However, the second half, after she has supposedly googled the question makes her look shocked with her mouth open. The user went completely speechless after that.

The video spread across the social media platform like wildfire, with many people commenting and replying to her post and following the trend.

How Did Dora Die?

Ever since the topic trended on social media platforms, many curious users have been searching for an answer to this question. Each of the theories to ‘How Did Dora Die’ has its own explanation. The varied answers have left many users speechless, confusing the fans of the cartoon even more.

One of the most common and popular theories about Dora’s death is that she died drowning in water. But not all fans agree with it. Her death has been the subject of extensive discussions, and several conclusions have already been drawn from them.

Some fan theories state that the cause of Dora’s death was not natural and that the villains of the cartoon show murdered her. Other theories lay down that Dora was suffering from a kidney illness and was getting treatment for the same. She died as the treatment failed.

Another shocking theory about Dora’s death is that Boots, the monkey pushed Dora into quicksand. Some other grisly choices include her being knocked into the river by Swiper, after which she drowned and died. 

There’s a Film about Dora

There is a film based on the series in which Dora has a successful trip and even a happy ending when she finds the location she has been searching for all the while. On her hunt, she is helped by her magical backpack and her companion, Boots. At the end of the movie, both of them sing their favorite song, “We Did It” followed by thanking the audience for watching the movie.

The ending of the movie made the audience confused, and they wonder if the protagonist has really died at all.

Is Dora the Explorer Dead or Alive?

The major twist about the cartoon is that it never showed Dora dying. But despite it, many websites have given a bitter end to this story, suggesting that Dora has succumbed to death.

However, fans of Dora shun these theories and claim them untrue. According to them, Dora did not die and enjoyed her happy ending after completing her hunt. Afterward, there were many reruns of the show, and no new episode was shot. You can rewatch the cartoon on Nickelodeon Jr.

Quick Facts About Dora, the Explorer

  • Initially, the makers wanted Boots to be the mouse and not the monkey. He was going to be yellow. But after testing, they decided on the signature purple color.
  • Boots the monkey is Dora’s best friend, and she met her when Swiper was stealing his boots.
  • Dora, the Explorer is a critically acclaimed cartoon series. It was widely admired for its diversity efforts and educational nature while keeping up with the entertainment for young viewers.
  • The plot and concept of the show made it win 16 Emmys.
  • Filming episodes of Dora was not so easy. Each of them took over a year to create. Reportedly, over 300 people worked on the making of a single episode.

There are no grisly deaths in the TV show aimed at 5-year-olds. The trend is merely TikTok getting weird like it usually does. 

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