How do I sign up for Star + if I already have Disney +?

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Star + has arrived in Latin America! After several months of waiting after its announcement, the new streaming service is already in our region with a wide range of contents that promise hours of entertainment. If you are already a subscriber to the Disney + platform, we will tell you what you must do to contract this new launch of the company.

This new product from Disney It was already available in parts of Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, so it still had to be part of the virtual war in Latin America. As we know, Netflix is ​​the one who leads the ranking with the highest number of subscribers, Amazon Prime Video is located second and in third place we find Disney +, which thanks to the possibility of combining streamings can increase its number.

It is an extension of what we already had in Disney+ with the contents of the brands Marvel Studios, Star Wars, Pixar, National Geographic y Disney. After the purchase of Fox, we can now have a catalog full of the lines ABC, 20th Television, FX, Freeform, Hulu, 20th Century Studios, Searchlight, Touchstone y Hollywood Pictures, Besides live ESPN sporting events, without a doubt the great novelty.

+ How to contract Star + if I already have Disney +

In the case of Those who already have a Disney + account can simply access the official Star + website, where the first thing that will appear is the subscription button. There You must enter with the same email and it will give you the payment option called “Combo +”, in which you can have both platforms at a lower price. Review here in the third row how much it would cost you in your country!

It is important that you know that If you hired Disney + for a year, and you also want to access the new streaming, you will only pay the Star + subscription and once the 365 days are over you will pay the full Combo +. For example, if you live in Argentina, the Combo + costs $ 995, but if you already have Disney + for a year, the price is $ 880, and once the first contract is completed, you will go to $ 995.

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If you haven’t done it yet, you still have time to subscribe to Star+ to be able to enjoy for free the best sports and entertainment that Disney launched and will continue to launch only on the platform. You can do it entering here. What are you waiting for?


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