How do shipping containers save you money? 

How do shipping containers save you money? 

Sea transportation today is an economical solution for many businesses. Currently, most of the products are transported in containers.  Indeed, thanks to container ships, several thousand tons of products are transported every day. That is why it is necessary to know prices, route conditions, and information related to sea freight, as well as understand the specifics of containers.

Now it is not necessary to spend money on a new container in order to use sea transportation. You can easily find a used 20ft standard shipping container for sale today. This size is perfect for almost all types of goods. It is also possible to purchase such a container on thе PelicanContainers website with one click. Thus, you get an excellent container for transportation!  It will be cheaper than a new container but still high quality and ready for usage. 

Specifics of cargo transportation in containers

You should be aware that cargo can be transported in containers in two different logistic combinations:

  •  FCL, in a full container;
  •  LCL, that is grouped by cubic meters.

First, let’s take a look at the features of Full Container (FCL). Please note that this transport solution offers a safe and secure transport experience because your container is sealed from departure to arrival at your final destination.

Speaking of the LCL, it should be noted that your goods do not take up the entire space in the container, so they will be grouped with other shipments. This choice significantly reduces the cost of your transport. Your products are placed next to other customers’ products in a container; that’s why you only have to pay in proportion to the used space. For this type of delivery, carriers offer to deliver the goods directly to your place using the door-to-door option.

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Moreover, during the transportation of goods, containers (FCL or LCL) also ensure optimal traceability during the journey. Thus, you can follow your goods in real-time (if you know the boat name and/or container number).

What are the main reasons to choose container transportation?

It is understandable that container transportation is synonymous with security. During shipping by sea, the cargo is placed in a container. One of the advantages of such transportation is the security of the cargo. The container can only be opened at the point of departure/destination and customs, it definitely can minimize the risk of damage to your goods. 

You can save your money by buying a used 20ft standard shipping container instead of a new one. This way, you definitely won’t experience much difference in quality if you choose PelicanContainers. It is important to remember that container shipping by sea will help you save a lot on transportation. If speed is not a priority, choose sea shipping.

Do not forget that this type of transport opens up new opportunities for you. Shipping companies can deliver oversized cargo, such as cars, equipment, building materials. All types of cargo that are too heavy and bulky for air transportation.

Why do shipping prices fluctuate so much?

Some interesting information about the variability of prices for transportation. The first factor influencing this market is demand. In addition, even though demand depends on the cycle of the period, international traffic has grown steadily since its inception. After Christmas, the market usually declines. However, in the period from the middle of January to early February, there is an increase in freight rates.

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The stakes remain high because there is plenty of space to load ships. “High season” is the period from May to November, when there is a high demand for cargo transportation. During this period, prices increase based on the overall rate increase and Peak Surcharge.

Fuel is an important factor in the market. This is a surcharge that the carrier can change when oil prices fluctuate upwards.

Also the cost of transportation depends on several factors:

  •  delivery route;
  •  service type;
  •  cargo characteristics;
  •  type and number of containers;
  •  shipment seasonality.

The container’s owner must understand that the container can be moved from one ship to another in different ports. This works in the same way as when people use public transport, you can move from one tram to another. The freight forwarder can provide you with a document; this document will indicate the number of the vessel and the voyage on which your cargo is located.

Sometimes the sender is not given information about the ship and its location. But if you are really interested in it, you can check the shipping company’s website to see if you can track your container.

Usually, the freight forwarder receives the full price for the shipment from the shipping company. After it, the first one distributes the cost and bills freight and additional taxes in proportion to the customers who have the goods in the container. When estimating a freight rate with a freight forwarder, it is recommended to make sure that all surcharges and additional costs are included. Pay attention to this to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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How to insure the goods and receive compensation in case of disputes?

You can cover the risk of loss or damage to your cargo with marine insurance. This may cover the entire path of your goods. In addition to the basic contact form, various clauses can be added to ensure the coverage that best suits your needs.

In any case, if we are talking about business insurance, it is better to contact trustful services. In this way, you can get help in collecting all the necessary documents, get the favorable balance of the sum insured and insurance payments in the insured event.

As you can see, container transportation has a lot of features and advantages. You just need to choose proven services to work in this direction. It should be noted that container shipping is very flexible. You always have a wide range of options: you can track the movement of containers, transport cargo in used containers that work just as well as new ones. Moreover, you can always count on insurance!

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